“The duty of youth is to challenge corruption.” – Kurt Cobain

423 SNC Recommended Reading – Why You Matter Enough to Face the Pain by Alec Hanson



Bench Press 4-6 reps
Rest 30sec
Max Double Unders in 60sec
Rest 180sec


5rds for reps(Ring Dips):

In 60sec you must complete 10 burpees then complete as many ring dips as possible in the the remaining time.
60sec Rest

Burpee Challenge – Day 37 of 100
Current buy-in: 703 Burpees

Post loads and reps to comments.

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  1. didn’t go too heavy on bench (shoulder still a nagging issue). 100/100/110/110/110 du’s 51/52/57/61/62. yay for burpees in a wod.

  2. Could def tell have not hit bench in awhile. But did 41 double unders in a min not bad and ended up with 44 ring dips. Oh and the burpees were as fun as always. Lol

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